Family Mediation Service for Shropshire, Telford, Wrexham and the Borders

Fees Update – Assessment meetings £100 (no VAT) per person, to also include the Mediation Certificate(s) and inviting the other person. Additional funding of up to £500 to help with mediation for child arrangements is also available. Legal aid to cover mediation fees still applies to most people in receipt of Universal Credit. (Provided through AIM Mediation Ltd)

Please call on 01691 779251 / 07775 878 091, email us on, or message us in confidence, for a free consultation to discuss your situation, your options and any questions you might have.

Fresh Start Family Mediation provides a safe, private and cost effective way for separating and divorcing couples to sort out disagreements. It is not relationship counselling or about trying to get you back together, instead we will focus on helping you to agree a plan to move the issues forward. Alternatively, we can provide you with a mediation certificate if that is all that you require.

We see people from across the Shropshire area, as well as from Telford, the Welsh Borders,  Wrexham and further afield. Most of our meetings are now conducted via video conferencing, which are proving to be less stressful and more convenient.

We can assist you with; children’s arrangements (including child consultation / child inclusive mediation), financial matters or both, funded either through legal aid or private fees. We will work alongside your solicitor, if you have one.

signpostWe are able to arrange:

  • Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAM’s)
  • Joint mediation sessions
  • Forms C100 or Form A (these now require a mediator signature for when issuing court proceedings)
  • Legal documentation, such as: Mediation Outcome Statement, Open Statement of Financial Information (financial disclosure) and / or a Memorandum of Understanding

You will be in control of the process, mediation is about us helping you to make your own joint decisions in a private, supportive and informal atmosphere.

While it is true that going through divorce or separation can be a very difficult and distressing time, mediation is there to help.

Your life does not have to be an ongoing battle, we can help you find a new way forward.